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ME: – ‘Hi. My name is Alberto Morales, and I like to make stuff…’. I feel like if i was Massimo Banzi, speaking in this video

Arduino Video Tutorial 02: Spaceship Interface lol

Maybe I’ve translated the term “make stuff” too literally, to name my blog section about this topic:

Hacer cosas“, or “make things“.

I need to clarify here, however, that I don’t know a lot about electronics. I’m just a software developer, or as I prefer to say, a “software craftsman”, and I’m good at doing it. But in my spare time I enjoy making things a lot, I call it “active leisure“.

Recently I’ve started prototyping devices with Arduino. Arduino makes it easy to create things, and allows you to design and prototype your own devices, even if you don’t know a lot about electronics. If you don’t believe it, ask to my 11 years old son, ke made his first arduino sketch when he was 9… Arduino? Android? RaspberryPi? it doesn’t matter, the only limit is your imagination…

Make stuff - Tucho_71

What can you find here? Ummmm I don’t like to make “geeky” things, like “Temp and humidity display”, or “Led Flash to Music”, etc..

In my opinion, the only reason to make this kind of stuff is for educational purporse. I prefer to dream about requeriments in a fancy way, and if it is possible, make my dreams come true, so I am not usually pleased with what I finally get… But at least i try it, and I enjoy doing it a lot.

Even more if the device I’m planning to create doesn’t exist yet… And I’m sharing my modest projects with you folks. Feel free to use, replicate, improve or use it in any way you want (excluding any illegal or harmful way, of course). And obviously, at your own risk.

Any ideas or comments are welcome. Do you want to form a permanent group that works on any project? Or do you only want to work together for a single idea? Please let me know.

– Puedes leer la VERSION EN ESPAÑOL de este post aquí

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