What I have learned preparing CCDAK certification

Three months ago I passed the exam to become a CCDAK. Now I can share with you, in a humorous tone, what I have learned preparing CCDAK certification:

  • You're going to be talking about the same "topic" a lot of time.

  • If you answer 4GB to "any question" that contains the word "heap", you increase the chance of getting the question right.

  • The measuring unit of parallelism is the partition.

  • The term co-ordinator is an alternative form of coordinator (talking about ZK). As a non-English native speaker, it was not obvious to me before.

  • The difference between source and sink (If you have not learned it when you were a child).

  • 9092, 8088, 8083, 8081, 9021 are very important zip codes in the Kafka region, as well as 2181, 2888, 3888 are important ones in the ZK region.

  • Kafka consumers have a tiny heart within them. I know it because they have their own heartbeat.

  • Specific is the opposite of Generic (talking about AVRO records too).

  • Some windows can be a source of hope.

  • Words related to authorization are more eager to contain 's' letter twice (like sasl or ssl v.s. saml).

  • With exception of aggregate, count, reduce, most transformations are stateless.

And the funniest one,

  • It is very useful to watch Muppet Show, to find out the difference between backward and forward before improving your knowledge about compatibility.

By the way, here is my credential ;-)

I hope you have enjoyed this post at least a little bit. Maybe you would like to share with us some thoughts, or simply to comment something about CCDAK certification or about Confluent Platform ... If you decide to do it, you'll be very welcome as always, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

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