Technical Workshop for kids in Madrid: An introduction to electricity, electronics and robotics. (2nd week)

This week we’ve completed the first half of the workshop “An introduction to electricity, electronics and robotics”. It’s aimed to teach kids some basic principles about this topics, while they have fun interacting with technology.


We’d like to share with you a brief description of this week’s activities, as we do last week in a previous post:

Day 3

During the third day, we covered the following topics:

  • How to use resistors – resistor color coding scheme
  • Measuring resistor with polymeter
  • Continuity testing
  • Brief introduction to LEDs
  • Arduino: what it is and what’s possible with it
  • Arduino’s IDE: first time programming a microcontroller
  • Understanding the blink sketch.
  • Digital output with arduino
  • Arduino programming language: variables and loops
  • Going from breadboard to a definitive device: breadboard à stripboard


  • 4 rechargeable batteries 1.2v AA
  • battery holder
  • pin header  and heat shrink tubing sleeve wrap
  • 6 LEDs
  • 6 220 Ohm. resistors
  • small breadbord
  • Arduino clone with USB connection
  • small stripboard piece (10×8?)


  • a bunch of LEDs and resistors
  • polymeter
  • wire cutting plier
  • flat nose plier
  • micro-switches and micro-push buttons for breadboard
  • PC with Arduino IDE installed


  • Simple breadboard-mount LED lantern circuit  (battery – led / resistor – switch)
  • First LED sequencing using Arduino
  • Knightrider sequence

Day 4

During the fourth day, we covered the following topics:

  • Proper use and appreciation of sensors
  • Analog input with Arduino
  • Arduino program: flow control using conditional statements


The same that was used the last day:

  • 4 rechargeable batteries 1.2v AA, with battery holder and attached pin header
  • small breadbord
  • Arduino clone with USB connection

Not used yet:

  • 1 LED
  • 1 220 Ohm. resistor
  • 1 LDR 10K


  • polymeter
  • wire cutting plier
  • flat nose plier
  • PC with Arduino IDE installed


  • Intelligent crepuscular switch

After that we asked kids that were interested to subscribe to the continuation of the course later in september, when they return from their family vacation. The next part is going to require quite a lot of work in terms of designing the experience, and we will spend about a couple of weeks in making our own robots.

In adition to the participants and me, we had a volunteer: Jose Alberto, 12 years old, who have assisted to our workshow two years ago. During this two weeks he spent some time helping us, and on saturday he recevied a master class “Structured programming with Arduino” as a gift.

¿Are you working with kids on any electronics projects? If so, or you’re interested in receiving more information, please post them in the comments so we can write about it! Thank you very much!

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